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What You Need To Know About Concealed Carry Training

Nov 24 2020

If you are going to carry a gun with you at all times, then you must have a concealed carry license in most places across the country. A concealed carry license is relatively easy to get and is just a good idea. You’ll get concealed carry training, which helps you safely carry and legally use your weapon when you need to. Here is what you need to know about concealed carry training.

What Concealed Carry Training Includes

Concealed Carry training covers the legal requirements and rules for carrying your firearm with you. Once you finish the training, you can apply for your concealed carry license. Beyond the legal requirements, every training course is a bit different. Some classes cover how to properly wear your concealed weapon while others focus strictly on the laws and when you can use it. Whichever version of the class you take, it will cover the important information that you are required to know to get your license.

Two or Three Parts

The class that you take will consist of two or three parts depending on the class. Most classes only involve two parts: the classroom section and the gun range section. The third section that may not be included is a written test. Some classes include a written test because of state laws or because the company decided that it was a good idea. Regardless of how many sections there are, the class will likely take all day to finish. The classroom section always comes first, followed by the written test and time at the gun range.

The Classroom

In the classroom, the focus is on important things that you need to know about gun safety and legal restrictions. The instructor will discuss the basics of gun safety, including how to properly secure, wear, and manage a pistol. He or she will also discuss the legal restrictions in your state, including when you can draw your firearm and when you cannot. It is important to note that you may not be allowed to take your firearm to class, and you are not allowed to take ammo into the classroom. This is for safety reasons since blanks may be used to show you how to load your firearm and keeping your ammo out of the classroom ensures that it cannot be mistaken for blanks.

The Range

The shooting range portion of the class involves the instructor teaching you the basics of how to use your firearm. This includes loading magazines, loading the gun, firing stances, and other safe use strategies. You will get a chance to fire your weapon, which means you will need eye protection and hearing protection. Depending on the rules of your state, you may be required to shoot a certain number of targets to pass the course. You can take the test with the gun you plan to carry if your instructor allows you to bring your gun and enough ammo.

Lakeshore Guns Conceal Carry Training

If you are in Michigan, then you can take your concealed carry training class at Lakeshore Guns. We offer concealed carry classes and can help you determine which firearm is right for you to carry. Call us at (269) 857-2248 for more information about concealed carry training and finding the right firearm. 

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