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Advice for Being a Better Concealed Carrier

Sep 22 2020

Carrying a firearm is a privilege that not everyone has. You have to obtain your concealed handgun carry license and prove that you understand just how big of a responsibility it is. Fortunately, responsible gun owners can get their concealed carry license with minimal hassle. There are CPL classes and concealed carry training available in most areas. With some training and advice from the professionals, you can be a better-concealed carrier.

Choose the Right Equipment

To carry a firearm safely and be able to use it effectively in any situation, you need the right equipment. That means a holster that works with your clothing or bag choices and a gun belt if you need one. Not having the right equipment can do more than make it uncomfortable to carry, it can make it unsafe for you and those around you.

Better equipment focuses on three main areas: safety, ease-of-access, and comfort. If carrying your firearm is uncomfortable, you probably won’t carry it often. This can be fixed by choosing a holster that is light and fits properly. When well-fitted, many of the problems go away. Being easy to access means that your holster sits well and gives you better access to your gun. If it is hard to access, you won’t want to carry it since you can’t use your gun effectively. Finally, your holster should have the appropriate safety systems to secure your firearm until you need to use it.

Be Comfortable with Carrying

It takes time and conscious effort to be comfortable carrying a gun with you at all times, which is one of the reasons why “CPL classes near me” is a common search for people who want to carry. Many people worry about it falling out of the holster or having another problem. If you can train yourself to relax and not think about your gun unless you need it, you can avoid many potential problems. Getting the right equipment for your gun will help with this. You won’t have to worry about it falling out or constantly checking to see if it is still there. The more you mess with it, the greater then chances are that you will have a problem. Try to relax, don’t think about it, and have the right equipment so that you don’t have to worry so much.

Practice Gun Safety in the Strictest Sense

Gun safety rules are essential to concealed carry situations. You have a responsibility to yourself, your loved ones, and those around you to practice gun safety appropriately every time you have your firearm with you. Otherwise, you will find yourself in a bad situation that you cannot get out of.

To avoid problems, be strict about gun safety at all times. Don’t let yourself take shortcuts or ignore the rules of proper gun safety at any point. Doing so is negligence and negligence is what gets innocent people hurt and gun owners in trouble.


Concealed carry laws are under review in many states because of the choices of gun owners both in the news and not in the news. Make sure that you avoid getting into trouble and losing your ability to concealed carry. At Lakeshore Guns we can help you find the right firearm for your personal protection. Call us at (269) 857-2248 to talk to an expert about firearms and concealed carry classes. 

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