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The Firearm Buyer’s Guide to Online Gun Shopping

The Firearm Buyer’s Guide to Online Gun Shopping

The Firearm Buyer's Guide to Online Gun Shopping

Online shopping is one of the fastest and easiest ways to buy things these days. This is even true for buying firearms. With so many retailers and options, you can buy guns online with relative ease as long as you know what you are doing. In this article, we discuss how to buy guns online.

Step 1: Find a Reputable FFL Dealer

There are many retailers online that will sell you a gun, but they are not all good options. You don’t have to choose the best online gun store, but you do need to find a reputable FFL-certified dealer. Online gun sales are still subject to the state and federal laws regarding gun sales, which means your online dealer must comply with those laws. Failing to comply is a felony and you are just as responsible as the retailer. Look for a dealer that has an FFL (federal firearms license) and is open about the process that you need to follow to buy from them.

You will also need an FFL dealer near you if you are buying from a dealer in another state. Firearms can only be shipped to FFLs when traveling between states. You just have to know which dealer to send it to and their address. Look for dealers that are willing to receive purchases or trades for you. Many are willing to do so, even if you are not purchasing from them.

Step 2: Find a Firearm that You Like

Once you know who to shop with and how you can receive it, start looking for a firearm that you like. There are many options available from the newest high-tech options or buy used guns for more affordable prices. Choosing the lowest priced online gun dealer can be an effective way to start your search, but make sure that your dealer has a good reputation and offers the customer service that you need to make good choices.

Step 3: Fill Out the Paperwork

When you purchase a gun in person, there is paperwork that you need to fill out. You still have to follow the same process online. This includes a background check. Fortunately, doing the paperwork online means that you can get it done almost instantly. Many retailers have systems hooked directly into the national databases for background checks, so they work extremely quickly.

Step 4: Pay, Ship, and Receive

Once you have been approved for the sale, it is time to pay, ship, and receive your firearm. You can pay for your firearm using any of the standard online methods that your dealer accepts. For shipping, you will likely need to ship it to an FFL dealer until you can pick it up. When you go to receive it, you need a state-issued identification card, your FFL or other state gun license, and the paperwork for the sale.

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