The Best Online Gun Store

The Best Online Gun Store

Nov 24 2020

Buying guns online is commonplace in 2020, a far cry from what it was only a decade ago. More people feel comfortable enough to buy guns online, and changes to regulations have made the process safer. Still, not every online gun shop is the same, and you can find a very different experience depending on where you look. This is especially true when it comes to in-store sales too. Here is a look at why Lakeshore Guns is the best online gun store in the U.S.

Before You Shop

Before you choose where you want to shop for firearms, make sure that the stores that you choose comply with the federal and state regulations that apply to your purchases. There are some stores that may not sell to your state or may not meet the legal requirements for selling guns in your specific situation. Your local licensing office can help you determine if an online firearms store meets the requirements to sell in your area.

A Large Selection

At Lakeshore Guns, we have a large selection of firearms to choose from. There are many new models made available on the market with high-quality upgrades. To give you the best selection to choose from, we stock many of the newest models. Plus, we have the resources to get any model that we don’t have. That way, we can help you get exactly what you are looking for.

Our collection of firearms also includes used guns. This is one of the best ways to get classic firearms that are in good condition, and for a better value than even some new models. Any used gun that we stock has passed our rigorous inspection process, as well as an extensive process to ensure that it was acquired legally. When you buy one of our used firearms you can do so knowing that it will work and be in the condition that you expect. We also buy used guns if you are looking to sell. Our appraisers are highly experienced and can give you an accurate estimate of what your firearm is worth.

FFL Certified

Lakeshore Guns has a Federal Firearms License (FFL), which is a crucial part of your buying process. We can sell you a firearm regardless of what state you are in, and we can also facilitate out-of-state sales as well. We follow ]all federal guidelines so that you can receive your firearms quickly and without problems. Our team can process applications very quickly, making it easy to complete a background check so that it won’t leave you waiting for days to get your firearm.

Lakeshore Guns

While we may not be one of the largest online gun retailers, Lakeshore Guns is the top choice of many buyers and sellers for these reasons. Our online catalog is kept up to date to ensure that you can find the latest additions to our collection. You can shop our selection of new and used handguns to find the right fit for your needs. Call Lakeshore Guns at (269) 857-2248 to discuss your next firearm purchase.

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