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Where You Can Sell Your Guns

Sep 29 2020

There comes a point in every gun owner’s life where they consider selling one or more of their guns for multiple reasons. If you are ready to make a sale, then you may be asking “where can I sell my gun”. There are many dealers that you can sell to, and you can sell to private buyers under specific circumstances defined by local and state governments. However, many of the sales are moving online. If you are looking to sell a firearm, there are many people who buy firearms & guns online.

Find a Dealer

You have two main options for buying and selling guns online: find a dealer to buy from or a dealer that can facilitate the sale. In some states, this is a requirement of completing the sale. States use the dealers that have firearm sales licenses to make sure that all sales are completed according to regulations.

The number of online dealers has increased over the past decade, making it easier to find a reputable dealer that can help you. Companies, like Lakeshore Guns, offer both in-person sales and online sales. Reach out to a dealer to see what their policies are.

Private Sales

Another option is a private sale between you and a private buyer. If you want to go in this direction, the first thing that you have to do is to check the laws in your state. There are states that prohibit the sale of firearms in private sales. If it is legal in your state, there are laws that you have to abide by.

Private sales usually do not require a federal license. However, you may need to channel your sale through a licensed dealer. This may be a good idea anyway since the dealer has the resources to do a background check and handle legal issues. If you do decide to do a private sale, investigate the person that you are selling to. There may restrictions on who you can sell to and what type of guns you can sell.

Online Auction

Gun auctions are becoming more popular since the benefits for the seller tend to be better than just a regular sale. To do an online auction, you should partner with a dealer that manages auctions. They have the infrastructure in place to make the process easy for you. Before the auction, you may be asked to deliver the firearm to the dealer so that they can set up the auction. They will also inspect it to make sure that it is in sellable condition and has all of the legal paperwork that is needed. After the auction, the firearm is shipped to a dealer near the winner so that it can be picked up and paid for. If you have a rare firearm, this may be the best way to sell it.


Selling a firearm is not a complicated process if you have the right partner to help you. At Lakeshore Guns, we buy and sell used firearms regularly. We can help you sell your used firearm and get the best price for it. Call us at (269) 857-2248 to talk to an expert about selling firearms.

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