How to Sell a Gun Safely

How to Sell a Gun Safely

Feb 25 2021

Selling your firearms is both legal and a good way of disposing of firearms that you no longer want. You can recover some of their cost and have fewer firearms to take care of. Selling one safely is easier than ever thanks to online gun sales, but there are still a few things that you need to know before you get started. Here is how to sell a gun safely.

Start with the Paperwork

If you want to sell one of your old guns, start by finding the paperwork for it. You should have a permit for every gun that you own, as well as documentation that shows where and when you bought it. You will likely need all of this documentation to sell your gun legally. It depends on how and where you sell, but these are standard documents that most buyers will ask for. It is also the best way to avoid legal problems as a result of the sale.

Prep Your Gun

Get your gun ready to be sold by doing the required maintenance on it. If there are broken components, repair or replace them. If you are selling a functional weapon, make sure it operates safely. Clean your firearm thoroughly to make sure that everything is working as well as it can be. That way, you can avoid liability issues with selling a firearm that is defective, non-functional, or dangerous.

Contact a Dealer Near You

Search for a dealer that you can trust and that is FFL certified. A quick “sell my gun near me” Google search should give you enough results to find the right dealer. If you are near Lakeshore Guns, try searching “Lakeshore store near me” to bring you right to us. Your dealer plays a major role in your gun sale as either the facilitator or the buyer. Schedule an appraisal with the retailer to see what it will offer you. You should also get an independent third opinion to make sure that you are being offered the right value for your firearm.

Choose a Sale Method

Decide whether you want to sell to the dealer or sell your firearm through an auction. Many online retailers buy used guns since they can offer discount guns for sale because of the reduced acquisition price. Once you have set up the sale or the auction, turn your gun over to the dealer in line with their policies.

Complete the Paperwork

Once the sale is complete, finish the paperwork for the transfer. You may need to fill out transfer paperwork in your state so that you are legally not responsible for that firearm anymore. Many people forget about this step in the process, which can lead to serious legal issues if someone uses your gun for something illegal.

Choose the Right Dealer

The dealer that you choose can largely determine if you experience gun sale problems later. At Lakeshore Guns, we buy and sell used guns, as well as appraise firearms. Call us at (269) 857-2248 to schedule an appointment with one of our used gun specialists. 

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