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Getting Your Firearms Appraised in Michigan

Nov 27 2020

Before you walk into any of the gun shops in Michigan to sell a gun, it is important to know how much it is worth. To find out, you need to have your firearms appraised. There are many places where you can get your firearms appraised, but each location can offer you a different deal. Here is what you need to know about getting your firearms appraised in Michigan.

What Appraisers Look For

There are several key features that appraisers look for when reviewing firearms. If you know what they look for, you can prepare for your appraisal to get the best offer. Appraisers look for:

Make and Model

The make and model are important to appraisers because every gun is worth a different amount. Some are rarer than others, making them more valuable. If you have a rare firearm, you may need to find a rare firearm dealer to help you.


The condition of your firearm plays an important role in how much it is worth. The better condition your firearm is in, the more it is worth. Appraisers will look for potential flaws and problems that can make your firearm less valuable. Before you take it to get appraised, clean it, and make sure that it is in working condition so that the appraiser will give you a higher price.

Gun Shops in Michigan

To get your firearms appraised, you can take it to a gun shop in Michigan. Many of these gun shops have staff members that can effectively appraise your firearms. This will happen any time you go to sell a firearm, and some can give you a quote so that you can know what your firearm should be worth. The value that you are quoted will change based on the opinions of the appraiser, which is why it may be a good idea to get appraisals from several locations before making a final decision.

Online Appraisal Tools

If you want to try to figure out the value of your firearms yourself, there are online tools that you can use to make the process easier. The Blue Book of Gun Values is similar to the Kelley Blue Book for cars, but it focuses on guns. It is on its 39th edition and is a great resource for understanding how much a firearm is worth. However, antique firearms need a specialized resource for accurate appraisals. The Flayderman’s Guide to Antique American Firearms and Their Values is one of the top options for self-appraising antique firearms.

Visit Lakeshore Guns

If you are in Michigan, you can visit Lakeshore Guns for an appraisal. At Lakeshore Guns, our team has extensive experience working with new and used firearms, as well as appraising firearms of all types. This gives us a unique ability to give you an accurate estimate of what your firearm is really worth, and not just what a gun dealer wants to give you for it. We make sure you get the best deal for your firearms with accurate and upfront appraising. Call us at (269) 857-2248 for more information about our firearm appraisal process. 

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