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Best Firearm Options For Home Defense

Jul 17 2020

Choosing a weapon for home-defense requires deep thought about several questions. Which firearm manufacturers are reliable and reputable? What type of problems am I likely to face? What type of sidearm works best for me? When trying to answer these questions, it can be helpful to look at many of the highly-regarded home defense firearms that local gun stores and gun owners recommend. These are the best firearm options for home defense.

Glock 19, 24, or 35

Pistols offer the most ease-of-use and practicality features for home defense. Glock is known for reliably producing high-quality handguns with a variety of modifications. The Glock 19 is on the smaller end, making it easy to conceal and to store someplace where you can get to it quickly. A larger version, like the Glock 24 or the Glock 35, are difficult to conceal, but offer greater accuracy and stopping power. You could keep it solely for mobile and accurate home defense.

Beretta Cx4 Storm

The Beretta Cx4 Storm is a carbine (i.e. usually referred to as an “assault rifle”) that works exceptionally well for home defense. Aside from its futuristic look, one of its main features is the fact that it uses pistol-calibre rounds and clips. If you already have a Berretta with a compatible clip, it is easy to switch to the Cx4 Storm for added stopping power and performance. If you choose to use a carbine, make sure that you get an equitable light. This will make using it at night much safer.

Remington 870 or Mossberg 500

If you want something larger and you have more open space in your home, then consider getting a shotgun. Shotguns have a lot of stopping power and can generally finish an altercation in two shots or less. The Remington 870 and Mossberg 500 are two highly-regarded pump-action shotguns that are reliable and affordable. Each model has several variations to choose from that can accommodate attachments and have slightly different profiles. The other differences between the two gun options are all performance-based. Choosing between the two is largely preference-based.

Smith & Wesson Model 686+

A revolver can also be a great option for home defense. Revolvers are notorious for reliability. Although they have small magazine sizes, a home defense situation where a pistol is called for should not need a lot of shots to finish. Overall, the revolver is one of the better options for beginner shoots since they are relatively easy to use and highly reliable. The Smith & Wesson Model 686+ is likely the top revolver for home defense. Smith & Wesson has a great reputation for designing handguns. Plus, the 686+ fires an additional round, bringing the capacity up to seven instead of the usual six shots.

There are many other options for home defense weapons, especially on the  used gun market. If you do decide to pick a used firearm, have complete a firearms appraisal to ensure that you get a quality gun and don’t overpay. Contact Lakeshore Guns for assistance in picking the right gun for you. 

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