What is Your Gun Worth?

What is Your Gun Worth?

Feb 10 2020

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There is no cookie cutter description of a gun owner. Gun owners come from a wide array of backgrounds. You have gun enthusiasts and gun collectors, to hunters, law enforcement, and people who just want to protect their families from harm—there are many reasons people own guns. Not every gun owner is knowledgeable about guns, though. That’s where Lakeshore comes in to assist gun owners and answer any questions.

Most people searching for gun appraisal online or where to “buy used guns near me,” want to know how much used gun is worth or how much to sell their used for. There are a few variables that contribute to a gun’s value. Factors that make up the value of a gun are the make and model, caliber, its condition, whether it’s original or modified, how popular the gun is, and supply and demand.

Make and Model

The most popular and most manufactured handguns in the United States are the semi-automatic handgun or pistol. Guns that rely on slug ammunition, shotguns for example, are not as sought after as pistols. Some models are more valuable than others because of their reputation. Winchester is one of the most famous gun brands, but their Model 1911, for instance, has a bad reputation because of a design flaw that makes it dangerous to operate. The Winchester 94 is well respected and, therefore, more valuable than the 1911 model.


When someone talks about “stopping power” they are referring to the caliber of a gun. The caliber is the diameter of the gun’s barrel and, subsequently, the bullets required. Stopping power refers to how many shots it will take to stop an advancing threat. Higher caliber guns will require fewer shots to stop a threat. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s more valuable than other types of guns. For example, the most common high-caliber rifle is the22 caliber long rifle. But because it’s mass-produced, its value isn’t very high.

Condition of Gun

  • Modern Gun: When assessing a modern gun, it will be broken down into one of seven categories: new, perfect, excellent, very good, good, and fair.
  • Antique Gun: Antique guns will be assessed according to these categories: factory new, excellent, fine, very good, good, fair, or poor.
  • Other factors that impact the condition of the firearm are the materials used to make it: composite wood metal and the interior barrel or the bore.

Factory Condition or Modified

There are some firearm modifications that can increase the value of your gun, while there are other modifications that will decrease the value of your gun. Case in point, adding a high-quality scope to your rifle could increase your gun’s value. Sawing off your shotgun, however, will greatly decrease the value of your gun.


Like in fashion, there are some brands that are just more popular and, therefore, more valuable than others. Famous gun brands, Browning and Winchester, for example, are well-respected firearm brands and their popularity and respect help keep their firearms’ value.

Supply and Demand

There are some instances where limited supply or production of a particular model increases the value of that firearm. But buyer beware! Too often, the limited production of a gun model means the manufacturer could not drum up enough excitement to make the . Also, pay attention to changing gun laws, where limiting a type of gun or accessory could drive up prices.

At Lakeshore, we can assist you with gun appraisal online and in our Michigan store. We understand that a gun’s worth is whatever someone is willing to pay for it. We put our expertise to work for you to give you the best prices for your firearm. 

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