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What Are The Best Handguns For Women?

May 26 2020

Women are just as likely to want a gun as men are these days. While it is not necessary for handgun manufacturers to make firearms specifically for women, there are models that tend to be more desirable for the average woman for self-defense. These handguns are often smaller, lighter, and better for concealment, making them great choices for a concealed personal defense or home defense handgun. Here is a look at the best handguns for women.

Glock G42 Subcompact

The Glock G42 Subcompact is one of the smallest Glocks ever made. Its smaller frame makes it a better fit for smaller hands and makes it incredibly lightweight. You can likely conceal it in your pocket, although a holster is more responsible and safer. The recoil from the G42 Subcompact is easy to handle and it has a six-round magazine adding to the small size and weight.

Barretta BU9 Nano

Barretta BU9 Nano is designed specifically for concealed carry holsters. It has a snag-free design to easily slide in and out of the holster. Plus, it has a small frame that fits easily into smaller hands. The frame is five-inches long and less than one-inch wide. Most women choose the BU9 Nano because it is easy to use, clean, and conceal. With an eight-round magazine. It can be a great option for concealed and lightweight personal defense.

Smith & Wesson – M&P380 Shield EZ 2.0

The Smith & Wesson – M&P380 Shield EZ 2.0 is a lightweight and versatile gun that some women will enjoy. Its design keeps it small and lightweight. Many people like it for its safety features. It is designed for use left and right-handed, thanks to the position of the safety switch. There is also an additional grip-mounted safety button for added security. The Smith & Wesson – M&P380 Shield EZ 2.0 gets its name from its easy operation, including the slide. Shooters under stress or with little experience will be able to use it.

Springfield XDS Essential .45 ACP 3.3″ Pistol

Most of the weapons that are designed to be smaller, lighter, and better concealment use lighter gauge ammo. However, the Springfield XDS Essential .45 ACP 3.3″ Pistol is a good option for anyone looking for heavier ammo. It uses the .45 ACP round for more stopping power than other guns its size. If you buy it new, it comes with a five-round magazine and a seven-round magazine. The attention to detail in the manufacturing process makes this gun a good choice for anyone that wants a bit more power without a lot of complexity.

Choosing the right handgun takes time and patients. There are many to choose from with different features and qualities to consider. One of the best places to find the help that you need to pick a handgun is at your local gun store. They can show you a selection of the handguns for sale in Michigan that can work best for you. Visit Lakeshore Guns for assistance in finding the best handgun for your needs. 

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