The Truth About Online Guns

The Truth About Online Guns

Jun 15 2020

You can buy virtually anything that you want online, including guns, ammo, and firearm accessories from an online guns store. While it may seem less secure than buying a gun from a brick and mortar gun shop, there are actually many ways that online gun sales are more secure than other types of firearm transactions. Here are some things to know about online gun sales.

Federal Regulations

There are federal regulations that impact online gun sales in the United States. All online gun retailers must closely follow federal guidelines with regard to how they can sell guns and to whom. Online gun sales can only be conducted by federally licensed dealers that follow federal regulations.

Cannot Ship to Your Residence

You cannot buy a gun online and have it shipped to your personal residence, even if you own the home outright. Instead, you have to have the gun shipped to a licensed gun shop. In fact, both the gun seller and the store where you have it shipped to must hold appropriate federal firearms licenses.

Added Transparency

Online gun sales have a level of added transparency. There are records of who bought the gun from which gun store and shipping records for where it was shipped to. There are no secretive and sales when it comes to online shopping for firearms.

More Inventory

One of the primary benefits of online gun stores is the ability for consumers to find more inventory than would be possible in a single brick and mortar gun store. Rare guns and niche models that do not sell very well in hunting stores and other gun outlets can be purchased online and shipped to your neighborhood gun store, as long as the store has the necessary licenses required to ship online gun sales. This means that customers have access to even more inventory than before. You can find virtually any style or model that ever existed online and have it shipped, as long as you are willing to pay the price for it. Some vintage, rare, and antique guns will obviously cost more than more common models.

Easier to Find Used Parts

It can be much easier to find used gun parts and accessories when you have the entire internet to search instead of just what is currently offered by gun stores in your area. Some gun stores may only sell new inventory. By shopping online, you can instantly access hundreds or thousands of parts listings at once. This is faster and easier. It may even allow you to find parts that you otherwise wouldn’t have access to.

Buying guns online can be a fun, secure, and efficient process. If you are looking for discount guns for sale, contact Lakeshore Guns. We maintain a large inventory of guns that can be shipped to federally licensed firearms dealers in your area. You can review our online gun store to see what guns, accessories, and parts we currently have available to ship to you. 

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