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The Truth About Buying Guns Online

Mar 13 2020

Gun appraisals online

In today’s technologically advanced world, consumers can buy practically anything online. This includes guns, ammunition, Kevlar, gun parts, and more. To think about selling guns online can be a pretty scary thought. But because of federal and state gun laws, and protections for businesses in place, the internet can prove to be a secure place to sell or buy guns online.

Federal Gun Laws

Naturally, there is a lot of misinformation floating around the internet about how to sell or buy guns online, what is legal and what isn’t. First, let’s understand some basic terminology.

Federal Firearms License or FFL: federal license that enables an individual or business to operate a business to buy, sell, manufacture, import or export firearms and ammunition, or the interstate and intrastate sale of firearms. The FFL establishes that the person holding the license operates a legitimate, lawful business registered and in compliance with ATF.

: Individuals who do not possess an FFL.

According to of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives or ATF, federal law requires all modern firearms be shipped to a holder of a valid Federal Firearms License (FFL). Any person who is legally allowed to own a firearm is legally allowed to ship it to an FFL holder for any legal purpose (including sale or resale).

Even though federal law allows you to transfer firearms to another person living within your state of residence, the law also mandates that you cannot knowingly provide a gun to someone who is prohibited from “receiving or possessing” one. Many state laws require some type of background check, permit or license for firearms, and in many cases, must go through an FFL or state agency.

For this reason, gun stores rarely, if ever, ship to a consumer’s home. They will ship to a federally licensed gun shop. This is also true for online stores with discount guns for sale. Selling guns online requires both parties to be federally licensed. Online gun stores will ship the firearm to a local gun deal where the consumer will pick up the gun in person.

When the customer goes to pick up the order, the transaction will be treated as if the transaction was made in the store. This includes background checks, additional fees, and waiting periods based on the state’s particular gun laws.

It may sound like a lot, but the process of buying a gun online is quite easy and has many advantages.

Advantages of Purchasing a Gun Online

Even though the internet is not a means to circumvent gun laws, it still streamlines the purchasing process. Most gun retailers are now online. Consumers can browse and click to purchase without leaving the comfort of their home.

With gun shops being online, they create an even larger marketplace for buying and selling guns online. Gun sales online can come in the form of an auction or through a normal buy/sell transaction.

Gun stores online also have used gun parts and firearms available. And experienced gun retailers like Lakeshore can provide gun appraisals online as well. Lakeshore can also assist in linking buyers to sellers or buying used guns to give the consumer the best bang for his or her buck.

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