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Reasons to Buy a Shotgun Over a Handgun

Aug 18 2020

When it comes to buying a gun for self defense, home protection, or to carry, there are many different models that you could consider in your search. Two of the most popular models first time gun owners debate between are shotguns and handguns. Here we provide some insight on the two models and reasons why you may want to consider buying a shotgun over a handgun.


Shotguns are easier to use, even though these guns are larger and require more support from the person shooting it. Combined with buckshot shells known for scattering projectile debris, each shot you take could be more effective and lethal. This is an important consideration when it comes to home defense. You may only get one shot on an intruder before you run out of time.

Plus, shotguns are versatile. You can use slugs to take long-range shots, such as during hunting. You can use a variety of ammo with a shotgun so you are not limited in terms of what kind of ammunition you can use. Generally, shotgun loads don’t weigh very much or experience high velocity so it is unlikely to penetrate a nearby wall to hurt someone accidentally.

When you look to buy used shotguns, you will find that you have many options in different price ranges. This can make it easier to afford your first gun.


Handguns are lightweight and small. It is a common mistake to think that a handgun is the right choice for an inexperienced gun owner. However, handguns are much more difficult to shoot when compared to shotguns. You need many hours of training to increase your skill shooting handguns.

Even if you invest some serious time and training into learning how to shoot handguns, you may discover that your accuracy is still much better with a shotgun. In a research study from the New York Police Department, even officers that participated in firearms training only successfully hit one out of five shots. This means that even with training, you are still likely to miss with a handgun.

Ultimately, the decision of what gun to buy is up to you. Some people simply love handguns and don’t want to own shotguns. Others prefer shotguns and don’t want to undergo the training required to gain expertise in handguns. Maybe you want to buy one of each because you love adding new models to your gun arsenal. There is not a wrong decision when it comes to investing in what you like.

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