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How to Buy and Sell Guns Online

How to Buy and Sell Guns Online


Guns can be sold across state lines, which is mainly done online. Online gun stores make the process relatively easy, but there are things that everyone should know before they buy and firearms and guns online. There are regulations and procedures that must be adhered to as a matter of public safety and compliance. Even the best online gun stores have to adhere to these processes. Here is how you can buy and sell guns online.

The Requirements

Because a gun is sold across state lines, federal laws are in effect. The laws to buy firearms and guns online across state lines are simple. Every person involved in the purchase or sale must have a federal firearms license (commonly referred to as an FFL). Anyone who does not have an FFL cannot participate in the sale in any way. There may be further restrictions on a state by state level depending on where the people involved live. Also, the sale of anything considered a long gun (i.e. rifles, shotguns, etc.) must pass through an FFL-licensed dealer. Because they are more dangerous, this added restriction is strictly enforced.

The Paperwork

The sale will involve detailed paperwork, including a background check. The form 4473 is used to collect basic, contact, and unique information about the person or people involved. This information is used to verify that the people involved are who they say that they are and are in good standing with the law. It is imperative that you answer every question accurately and truthfully. Otherwise, your sale will be denied and you could face felony charges.

The Background Check

When your paperwork is finished, the FFL that is selling the firearm must have it run through a background check. The FBI and some states have systems for doing instant background checks for previous felonies, anything that prohibits the customer’s right to buy the gun, and anything else that could make the sale illegal. While it sounds like an extensive process, it only takes several minutes to finish the process. It takes time, but it is a necessary part of selling firearms to ensure that they don’t reach people that are not able to safely handle them.

Online Sales

The important thing to remember about buying and selling firearms online is that it is the same process as selling them in any other way. Online resources are just tools to facilitate the process, but there is no way to use online sales to circumvent the system. This makes online gun sales more secure than gun shows in many places.

In-State Sales

The only time that the process and regulations change is for person-to-person, in-state sales. If the seller and the buyer live in the same state, then the background checks and licenses may not be needed. Federal law makes it clear that they are not needed, but state laws can vary on the subject. Since state governments can regulate sales within the state, check with the regulations for the state that you live in.

Online gun sales have become largely automated, making the process faster and easier. Sometimes, you want to talk to a person instead. However, you want to facilitate the purchase of a gun or firearm online, contact Lakeshore Guns for the best online firearms buying experience.