Smith & Wesson M350 Revolver .350 Legend NEW

Smith & Wesson M350 Revolver .350 Legend NEW

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SKU: 400000326160
UPC: 022188884807
Product Information

Smith & Wesson, Model 350 X-Frame Revolver, Double Action/Single Action, 350 Legend, 7.5" Ported Barrel, Fluted Cylinder, Stainless Steel, Satin Finish, Silver, Synthetic Grips, Red Ramp Front and Adjustable Rear Sights, 7 Rounds, Moon Clips Included

  • Ported Barrel Tames Recoil.
  • Fluted Cylinder.
  • Red Ramp Front Sight.
  • Adjustable Rear Sight.
  • Double-Action.
  • Black Synthetic Grip.
  • Moon Clips Included.

Product Description

Smith & Wesson is excited to introduce a new addition to the revolver family! The New X-Frame Revolver chambered in .350 Legend is Stainless Steel with a 7.5in barrel, ported barrel for recoil management, fluted cylinders, red ramp front sight, adjustable rear sight and black synthetic grip!


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