Smith and Wesson 629 Hunter 2.6" .44 Mag USED DMK4271 LN FB 2 Grips
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Smith and Wesson 629 Hunter 2.6" .44 Mag USED DMK4271 LN FB 2 Grips

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Product Information

0.44 Magnum handguns are famous for their stopping power. It was the round made famous by
Clint Eastwood in the Dirty Harry movies. Since then, they have been synonymous with large,
powerful handguns. It can also be used in rifles and carbines for added stopping power and
greater control. In handguns, the 0.44 Magnum offers stopping power for self-defense and

0.44 Magnum Caliber Design Specs

Like many other rounds, the 0.44 Magnum was based on a predecessor, the 0.44 Special. It is
longer and more powerful than the 0.44 Special, so it is important to not get them confused.
Smith & Wesson designed it this way, which was customary at the time, to stop shooters from
accidentally loading it into older guns that could not handle the increased pressure. The 0.44
Magnum is powerful by design. It is widely used as a hunting round because of its increased
velocity and accuracy. Although there are several stronger rounds now, it was the strongest
available option for a time.

Firearms That Use 0.44 Magnum Rounds

The most famous 0.44 Magnum revolver is the Smith & Wesson M29, the model used by Dirty
Harry. Ruger also developed a 0.44 Magnum Blackhawk, which has versions that are still
available today. There are many more options to choose from, as the 0.44 Magnum round is still
very popular.

Benefits and Uses of 0.44 Magnum Caliber Firearms

People choose 0.44 Magnum handguns for their stopping power and celebrity factor. Having a
high powered handgun can be an exciting experience that many people want. Some choose it
for hunting because of its higher accuracy. However, there are carbines and rifles that are more
appropriate for hunting. They can be used in self-defense, but 0.44 Magnum handguns tend to
be large and heavy. If you buy one, expect to use it for target shooting as its primary use.

Our Selection of Used 0.44 Magnum Caliber Handguns

Lakeshore Guns has used 0.44 Magnum caliber handguns to add to your collection. If you want
to know more about used 0.44 Magnum handguns call us at (269) 857-2248 to speak to one of
our qualified dealers.

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