S&W M686 Plus .357 Mag DJV2870 LN FB

S&W M686 Plus .357 Mag DJV2870 LN FB

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Most gun owners have heard of the 0.357 Magnum, which is renowned for its power. It was the
first Magnum-caliber round offered in handguns and has seen extensive use over the decades
since it was introduced. Magnum handguns are great for hunting but are widely used for self-
defense. Lakeshore Guns has a collection of Magnum-caliber handguns, including several
0.357 used handguns.

0.357 Magnum Caliber Design Specs

The 0.357 Magnum is based on Smith & Wesson’s 0.38 Special. It was designed to beat the
0.38 Special’s design since, at the time, the 0.38 Special was the only handgun round that could
easily fight against organized crime. It was the only round that could penetrate car armor and
body armor, so S&W set out to make something that could.
The 0.357 Magnum is the same diameter as the 0.38 Special, but it is longer and has a stronger
kick to it. It uses smokeless powder too, making it a better option for hunting and personal
health. 0.357 Magnum and 0.38 Specials look similar, but most firearms that can load a 0.38
Special can’t load a 0.357 Magnum. This is by design since they made the 0.357 Magnum
longer so that it would not fit firearms that could not fire it safely.

Firearms That Use 0.357 Magnum Rounds

When it comes to 0.357 Magnum rounds, they were designed to be used predominantly with
revolvers. The Ruger Blackhawk is one of the most iconic handguns that you will see with this
round. It has a long, black body that you might see in movies. Another iconic handgun with a
0.357 Magnum round is the IMI Desert Eagle, which is synonymous with military sidearms. The
Smith & Wesson Model 686 is another option with a shorter, polished steel body.

Benefits and Uses of 0.357 Magnum Caliber Firearms

You will want to choose the 0.357 Magnum for personal defense or target shooting. It has
immense stopping power, making it effective at close-range personal defense. Shooters with
limited experience won’t have to be pin-point accurate to stop an intruder. The recoil is also less
than other firearms because of 0.357 Magnum weapons tend to be thicker and heavier.

Our Selection of Used 0.357 Magnum Caliber Handguns

At Lakeshore Guns, we have a collection of used 0.357 Magnum caliber handguns that you can
choose from. If you are struggling to make a choice, call us at (269) 857-2248 to speak to one of
our qualified dealers.

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