Kimber Ultra TLE II .45ACP USED KU266246 LN FB 3 Mags CT Laser

Kimber Ultra TLE II .45ACP USED KU266246 LN FB 3 Mags CT Laser

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As semi-automatic handguns were developed, new ammo was developed alongside them. The
0.45ACP round was developed for the Colt M1911. Since then, it was the standard issue for
multiple branches of the military. Lakeshore Guns has a collection of 0.45ACP handguns that
work well for self-defense.

0.45ACP Caliber Design Specs
The 0.45ACP round was developed in response to a problem with stopping power. The 0.38
Long Colt, which was standard issue at the time, was not meeting the government’s needs. The
Army commissioned a new firearm with greater stopping power, which was the Colt M1911. It
needed a new round that world well with the new semi-automatic design.
It uses a 238-grain bullet to enhance stopping power. There are multiple forms available
including a full metal jacket (FMJ) and a hollow point version for different applications. This
round is also designed to fire with a small muzzle flash and manageable recoil despite its

Firearms That Use 0.45ACP Rounds
The 0.45ACP round was developed for the Colt M1911, which became the standard sidearm of
the Army and Cavalry for a time. It can also be fired from the M1A1 Thompson Submachine
gun. One of the most common modern options is the Barretta Storm series, specifically the
Beretta Px4 Storm.

Benefits and Uses of 0.45ACP Caliber Firearms
One of the biggest benefits of 0.45ACP rounds is that they are quieter than other options. With a
speed of 830 fps, it does not create a sonic boom coming out of the barrel. This makes it much
quieter, and a good choice for silenced weapons.
Another reason why shooters choose the 0.45ACP is that it puts less wear on your gun. With a
lower pressure and bolt thrust, it will let your handguns last longer without serious repairs. For
self-defense uses, this means that it will be ready at all times.

Our Selection of Used 0.45ACP Caliber Handguns
At Lakeshore Guns, we have used 0.45ACP handguns coming in and out of the shop often. Call
us at (269) 857-2248 to speak to one of our qualified dealers about our current selection of
0.45ACP handguns.

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