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Why Guns Are So Popular in the U.S.

Feb 26 2021

There are guns for sale everywhere across the United States. As a country, the US generally loves firearms of all varieties. For better or for worse, they are an integral part of the country and will likely continue to be so for the foreseeable future. It also leaves many people, both in and outside of the US, wondering why guns are so prevalent in US culture. Here is a look at why guns are so popular in the US.

A Long History

Guns have been a part of US history almost since the beginning. As the colonies were settled, firearms became an integral tool for both security and survival. It was a primary method of hunting, as well as defending settlements against foreign and native threats. As a result, guns have always been a part of the culture. Prior to the settling of the colonies, few people were able to own guns in the countries where they came from. The lack of centralized law enforcement, military protection, and other hunting methods made guns invaluable tools in the earliest of days for the country.

Enshrined in Law

This early connection with firearms became a lasting and integral part of the country when gun ownership was enshrined into law in the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution of the United States. In essence, it enshrined the right for every person of legal age in the country to buy and own a firearm and that the government could not infringe on their right to do so. At first, this was a blanket amendment, but subsequent legal cases have outlined the governments’ (both state and federal) right to restrict gun ownership under specific circumstances.

The 2nd Amendment is important since many countries around the world heavily restrict or deny people’s right to own firearms. In the earliest days of the US, there was a real fear that the government would become too large and intrusive that it would turn on the people. To protect the people, the 2nd Amendment was created so that people could own a means of protecting themselves on par with the government at the time.

Cultural Relevance

The influence of guns has been integrated into US culture ever since and is still a prominent part of the culture today. Because everyone can own guns (within limits), there is no shortage of cultural references to gun ownership.

Cultural groups, like the NRA, have been a strong influence in promoting gun ownership and gun ownership rights. For better or for worse, the cultural connection to guns has strengthened because of these groups over the last three decades.

In fact, some have argued that the connection to guns may have gone too far. There are constant debates over how gun ownership and crimes related to guns should be addressed. However, it is unlikely that any changes to legislation will take away people’s overall right to own guns.

Own Guns Responsibly

From a distance, the connection between US culture and gun ownership can be alarming, but the vast majority of the gun owner community advocates ferociously for responsible gun ownership. For example, the process to buy firearms and guns online is just as secure as buying one in person because of gun owner rights advocates pushing for the same level of buying restrictions. If you want to learn more about guns you can buy near you, call Lakeshore Guns at (269) 857-2248 for assistance. 

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