The Step-By-Step Guide to Buying a Used Gun
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The Step-By-Step Guide to Buying a Used Gun

Feb 19 2021

While new guns can be fun and exciting, there are plenty of used guns available that are a good fit for whatever you need a gun for. This article is a step-by-step guide to buying a used gun.

Find a Used Gun That You Like

The first step is to find a used gun that you like. There are plenty of used gun shops that carry a selection from a wide range of firearms manufacturers. You can find many of the best options online as the majority of the dealers and online shops to learn more about their used firearms. Browse through their selection and they find a firearm that meets your needs and that you would like to own.

Do Your Research

The next step is to start doing your research about the specific firearms that you want. Before you go to try to buy one, you should know the firearm reasonably well. Some things you should know include:

  • The make, model, and production year
  • Its relative price for similar models
  • What makes it special
  • What it is best used for
  • Its history and construction

By understanding these five things, you will be able to tell if the used model that you see in a store or online is worth the price that the dealer is asking for. You will also have a better understanding of is this particular firearm is in the right condition for you to buy.

Examine the Firearm Carefully

Next, Want to examine the firearm that you want to buy. This should be the exact model that is available. If you can, inspect it in person to get a better feel of its condition and value. Check the firearm for wear and tear and do a thorough inspection and make sure that it is in usable condition. Disassemble it and reassemble it to make sure that it has all of its parts are in full working condition. This will also let you check to see how clean it is so you have a better idea of how it was cared for in the past. If the firearm is not in a usable condition or shows extreme signs of wear and tear, you should continue shopping until you find a better version.

Make the Purchase

When you are sure that is the right firearm for you, you can start the purchase. Whether you get it through a bid at an auction or you pay for it outright, begin the transaction process. You will have to fill out paperwork for a background check and other paperwork required by the federal government and the state where the dealer is located. This process does not take long to complete the sale.

Once payment has been accepted, the firearm will be packaged and sent to an FFL (federal firearms licensed) dealer near you so that you can pick it up. It cannot be shipped directly to your house or a PO Box for safety reasons. Take the documentation from the sale with you along with a state ID and your firearms license so that you can collect your firearm without any problems.

Finding a Used Gun Dealer

Determining where to buy used guns is easier than it has ever been. There are many online dealers and many of the big in-person stores operate online as well. Any place where you can sell a new gun likely sells used options themselves. At Lakeshore Guns, we sell new and used firearms from our shop in Michigan. Call us at (269) 857-2248 or visit us online for help finding the best used gun for your needs.

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