COVID-19 Created the Largest Spike in U.S. Gun Sales, Ever
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COVID-19 Created the Largest Spike in U.S. Gun Sales, Ever

Feb 23 2021

COVID-19 has had a major effect on every country around the world, including the US. While people are still trying to understand the ways this has affected the country, it is clear that the pandemic created the largest spike in US gun sales ever recorded. This was a surprise to most experts as they expected sales to trend downwards as stores closed and social distancing became the norm. In this article, we discuss how COVID-19 led to the largest spike in US gun sales in multiple ways.

Fear is a Key Motivator

Perhaps the biggest motivator of new gun sales was fear. There has not been a major pandemic like this one in nearly 100 years. Although there were lesser pandemics in that time, the major impact that this one is having is something that most people living today have never experienced before. As a result, it is raising new concerns over the potential for problems in their personal and societal lives.

Fear of the Government

The US government and various state governments have ordered lockdowns and shutdowns in order to try to stop the spread of the virus before it gains a stronger foothold in the community. While this idea can be effective if implemented in the right way, it also raises fears in the population of the government interfering with their lives. Across the US, many people worry about the overwhelming power of the government to control what they can buy, where they can go, and what they can do. As a result, gun sales may have risen in response to the government asserting its authority in a way that made people very uncomfortable. We know that as the lowest priced online gun dealer in Michigan, we saw an increase in people that were worried about how far the government would go.

Fear of Society Breaking Down

Another common fear that people are still struggling with is the potential breakdown in society. Fueled by a combination of fictional stories from movies and books and people’s real-life perceptions of what is happening, many people are justified in fearing that civil services may not be able to function properly if the virus has a major impact on the community. This could lead to the breakdown of law and order which would leave many people vulnerable to aggressive forces that would arise from the community. In response, many people who did not own firearms before decided it was the right time to purchase their first firearms for self-defense. Many of the guns for sale in Michigan went to first-time buyers that felt a concealed-carry handgun made them feel more secure.

Impact on the Industry

This massive spike in gun sales has significantly impacted the industry. While some of the major manufacturers may be going out of business, other manufacturers and many sellers are seeing increased sales and profits. This also led to a major increase in the number of people willing to buy firearms and guns online.

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